Muslim Center of Somerset County (MCSC) is an independent non-political, non-profit religious educational organization serving the Muslim community residing in and around Somerset County towns such as Hillsborough and adjoining areas such as Montgomery, Neshanic Station, Somerville and Manville areas of New Jersey for over 25 years.

MCSC is not affiliated with any other organization, government or group. MCSC is a community-based organization and depends on its members for their financial and volunteer support. Since inception, various volunteers from the community have volunteered their time in running the organization and continue to support in managing and providing community services. We encourage our members and volunteers to be model citizens of the United States and to actively participate in local, state and national governments through volunteering and voting.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Establish and support daily regular, Friday congregation prayers schedule and provide religious services and conduct activities for the betterment of the community in its moral and social standing.
  • Provide guidance, education and observe principles of moderation, tolerance, inclusiveness and conflict avoidance within the guidance and teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah (teachings, sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) in order to create a high moral and socially responsible community.
  • Promote an environment to mutually understand and encourage friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims irrespective of their religious or social beliefs.
  • Promote and develop mutual understanding with other communities at large to communicate principles and teachings of moderation, tolerance, inclusiveness, moral and social responsibilities based on the Islamic faith.
  • Actively volunteer and provide support to the community of Hillsborough Township in particular and Somerset County in general. Activities include community soup kitchen, fund raising, seeking food, clothing and toy donations to help victims of natural calamities, support less fortunate members of the society, visitations to the area hospitals, jails and community centers, libraries, etc.
  • Facilitate collection, distribution of obligatory charity funds known as Zakat and Fitra and other forms of charities to qualified needy persons or organizations involved in charity work.
  • Foster the community interest of Muslims in greater Somerset and neighboring counties of New Jersey.

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Cars4Jannah is a non-profit project established in 2019 to help fund Islamic organizations and social good missions throughout the United States. Cars4Jannah is owned and operated by Al-Huda Inc (DBA Dar-us-Salaam), a 501c(3) non-profit in College Park, Maryland in the United States.



Cars4Jannah is based out of College Park, Maryland in the United States of America. The best way to reach us is by phone at 240-484-4300 or by email at info@cars4jannah.org . If you want to mail us, we are located at 5301 Edgewood Road, College Park MD 20740. Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM ET, 7 Days a Week

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